How Do I Order Meals

Weekday Delivery

Meals are delivered Monday to Friday (no deliveries are made on public holidays). A menu is delivered weekly with a choice of two hot meals per day. If you do not complete the menu with your meal choice you will be delivered the first choice meal taking into account any dietary requirements. You may also request the hot meal of the day delivered cold for reheating later. Frozen meals are also available daily.

Weekend Needs

Frozen meals or salads are available to cover your weekend needs and will be delivered on Fridays. Frozen meals need to be stored in your freezer. Heating instructions, both microwave and conventional ovens, are on the meal container.

Weekly Deliveries

This is a single weekly delivery of frozen meals. You can order frozen meals from a choice of 18 meals either as a main meal only or a meal pack with frozen soup and dessert as well. To use this option you must have the capability of reheating the meals in either a microwave or a conventional oven. The frozen meals have reheating instructions on the container.

Special Diets

Meals can be modified to suit a client’s dietary requirements such as gluten free, diabetic and soft food. Please contact the office staff to discuss any special meal requirements.

Delivery requirements

As a food service organisation, we have a duty of care that you receive a nutritious meal delivered within set temperature requirements. Due to these requirements, we have to personally deliver the meal to the client. We are unable to leave meals unattended or in eskies.